Services for employees

The Human Resources and Gender Equality service unit provides counselling and a wide range of services for all employees at the University of Vienna.

ID-cards of employees of the University of Vienna

Important note

Information on the intranet

Information intended exclusively for current employees cannot be found on the University of Vienna’s general website – instead, it can be accessed on the intranet. 

New employees

The wide range of services and the complex nature of the University’s structure can often be overwhelming for new employees when they start working here. Therefore, the University offers a variety of support measures to help new colleagues settle into their new work environment.

Executive staff

Managing employees in this complex university context presents a particular challenge. The University supports executive staff in fulfilling their associated tasks and responsibilities

Talent acquisition and development

The human resources development unit helps university management to implement the Development Plan by designing a comprehensive set of measures for all employees at the University of Vienna.

Legal framework

Different legal regulations apply to the professional activity of the University of Vienna’s employees. 


As of 2022, the University of Vienna’s non-permanent staff members have been able to access their monthly payslips at any time as PDF files in the SAP personnel managment system. Payslips before that period are available on an electronic portal. Permanent staff members can do the same on Portal Austria.

Information overview

The work environment at the University of Vienna is extremely diverse. Therefore, we have gathered all the relevant information and the internal services and processes that are important for the day-to-day running of the University for you in the intranet.

Additional information