Black Lives Matter: Resources for race-critical action

The Black Lives Matter protests have led to an increased focus of experiences with racism in our society and have made them more visible for a broader public. Racist structures are not just a problem of right-wing extremism but a phenomenon that affects us all: Black people and/or POC (People of Color) who are discriminated against because of their skin color and/or their place of origin, and white people who are privileged because of that discrimination.

Black/People of Color/white

Ways of writing

"Black" (with a capital B) and "People of Color" are self-designated terms for people who experience racism, while white is not. The italics mark the norm of the dominant culture that otherwise is not named. All terms do not designate skin color or biological attributes, but refer to socially marginalized respectively privileged positions.

Not having to deal with racism every day is such a white privilege. To affect sustainable change, it is necessary to educate oneself about the topic. That's why we collected resources here. Race critical action is not a matter of an attitude but rather a daily practice - like body hygiene as Jay Smooth humoristically explains in his TEDx Talk.


The following list provides resources from the context of German speaking countries and/or academia and their specific relations to race issues. Therefore, the resources are in German only.

Self-reflexive resources for white people

Empowering resources for Black people and/or POC

Education, university and racism

Other resources for education